Monday, September 21, 2009

We’re home

We’re back from our honeymoon and mostly caught up on our sleep from the seven hour time change. I took 3015 photos and after deleting the crap, I’m down to just 2772 plus a few short videos. Getting them all uploaded to flickr and will take some time and I’ll post links here when they’re available. In the mean time, there are a handful of photos I posted while in Belgium that you can look at now.

Bruges Panoramic 1

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We’ve done it!

Yep, we’re married. We were worried about the VERY heavy fog that we awoke to but it burned off nicely be the time everyone arrived at the gardens. The ceremony was wonderful and the reception was great too. I didn’t take many photos myself but my father took plenty. Mine and his can be found in my flickr account. Christa’s can also be found on flickr along with Emily’s on Facebook. There will definitely be more to come soon I’m sure along with the professional ones in a few weeks.

Thanks for everyone who came and all the other well wishes we’ve received. We couldn’t have had such a great day without you.

We’re now all packed and exhausted. Tomorrow, off to Brussels! Stay tuned.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Final update before the wedding

Flowers, tables and chairs were successfully delivered to and set up at the house this afternoon.

All family have arrived and we all had a BBQ at our place this evening.

Last minute cleaning is being done.

The hair lady shows up at the house at 7:30am tomorrow morning. (That’s about 10 hours from now.) I’ve suggested that I can sleep later since I’m not “getting my hair done” but that theory doesn’t seem to be being accepted by anyone else.

No, we’re not nervous. Thanks for asking ;-)

Early morning, the day before

My family made it in to town (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and their four kids ages 12, 10, 4, and 2) and were over for dinner last night.

Also yesterday Mary and Diana met with the florist and actually got to participate in the making of the different arrangements and bouquets.

Orchids (4)Orchids (3)

Today we’ll be hanging out with my family and Mary, Sara & Diana have the appointment to get their nails done later this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Mary’s brother and his wife will get into town from Denver and the all the immediate family will be over to our home for a backyard cookout.

It’s going to be an interesting day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More (final) details

The tent in the back yard for the reception was set up this afternoon. The tables and chars are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.


Mary and Diana took care of their final dress fittings, shoes and jewelry today.

The violinists for the ceremony were called and we’ve finalized when they’ll be arriving on Saturday morning.

We’ve picked our vows. There’s a little tweaking to be done but one of the suggestions the judge provided are pretty close.

Mary went to the florists today to see the flowers. The red orchids that came in were actually pink but through the wonders of “dyes and sprays” they’re now the correct shade of red. She’s going to go back to the florists tomorrow to watch him start the assembly process.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We picked up my tux last night. We had a “free groom tux” coupon but it turned out that the coupon only worked when you had a party of four or more you were renting tuxes for. Since I’m the only one in a tux, the coupon was unusable. Darn that fine print on the back of the coupon.

And here’s a question: how come it’s ok for Mary to see me in my tux before the wedding if I can’t see her dress in advance?