Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding cake

Michael and I had an appointment on Monday with Misty of Sweet Art Wedding Cakes (  Our cake will be similar to the one below, except with red and yellow orchids.


Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers are red and yellow orchids.  The bouquet below is similar, but will have red orchids as well, and red ribbon instead of white.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Mary’s Engagement Ring

Below is the computer rendering of my gorgeous engagement ring!

I’m a gardener at heart, so something with flowers, leaves, and vines seemed especially appropriate!  This ring is extra special because we were able to incorporate stones from my mother’s engagement ring, and some stones from a ring that belonged to an uncle in the design. 

Engagement Ring (rendering)

Michael's wedding ring

We've not made a final decision yet but at this point here's the ring I think I'll end up with.

Possible Wedding Ring

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The date has been set, the blog is now up

Yes folks, Mary and I have finally made it official and picked a date. We'll be getting married in a small ceremony at the Lincoln Sunken Gardens on 5 September 2009. So, in true Web 2.0 fashion, we've set up this blog for all the friends and family to be able to follow along in the planning. A lot has happened already but there's got to be a first post and this is it.

So far, the gardens have been booked, a friends husband has designed Mary's engagement ring, and we've got an appointment with the cake people on Monday. Of course, more detailed posts about all of this will be forthcoming.

Lastly, there's a widget off to the left. We've bought the house, and combined two households worth of stuff into it. We don't need anything. So, what we're doing is that we ask that all gifts be in the form of contributing to our honeymoon. (This used to be known as "registering with your travel agent" but it turns out that travel agents don't do that any more. There's lost of places that do it online but we didn't like any of them so we've set it up ourselves.) So, if you'd like to contribute just follow the steps in the widget. 

We're excited and hope you are too. Keep checking back as we'll be posting any and all details and stories as they occurr.